For enquiries and information regarding pastoral matters, services, christenings, baptisms, weddings and funerals please contact Rev Colin Resch on 0116-429-9946. Alternatively, for non-urgent enquiries, you can use the send message form below

Please call Rev Colin Resch on 0116-429-9946.
Parish Administrator
Paul Rowley is our administrator and will be happy to help with any enquiries. Paul is available on Tuesdays 10am-2pm and Fridays 10am-2pm at St Peters Church, or by calling 0116-412-0143.
Ministry Team
Edmund Stacey
Helen Hodson
Janet Stacey
Edmund Stacey - 01509 214802
Helen Hodson - 0116 2303828
Safeguarding Officer for Christ Church (Children & Vulnerable Adults)
Joe Hampson - 01509 822909
Church Wardens for Christ Church
Peter Hodson - 0116 2303828
Veronica Liquorish -
Ray Chamberlain (Assistant) - 0116 2302786
Margaret Hampson (Assistant) - 01509 822909
Verger for Christ Church
Brian Allard
Christ Church PCC
Peter Hodson (Secretary) 0116 2303828
Val Doyle (Treasurer) 0116 2375623
Church Wardens for Saint Peters
David Bird - 0116 230 3095
Ian Evans - 01509 890889
John Doyle (Assistant) - 0116 237 5623
Andrew Evans (Assistant) - 0116 230 1453
Verger for Saint Peters
Mr Ian Evans - 01509 890889
Saint Peters PCC
David Bird (Secretary) 0116 230 3095
Val Doyle (Treasurer) 0116 2375623
Bower Room Booking & Hire
For enquires relating to booking and/or room hire of the Bower Room (Christ Church) please contact Val Doyle on0116 2375623
If you have anything to include in the next monthly newsletter, please email either The Administrator or Revd Colin Resch by the third Sunday of the month.


Photography - Jennifer Hitchcock, Peter Hodson